Why did our omnipotent God make Lucifer, and place the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil directly in our grasp?

2020-04-23 111956

Hey everyone. Here’s a fun debate topic. Why did our omnipotent God make Lucifer, and place the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil directly in our grasp?

Geoff S Wright The Bible tells us that Lucifer was created perfect in all his ways. God did not create sin, or an imperfect being. There was no reason for Lucifer to fall from his exalted position. However, God gives His creatures freedom of choice and Lucifer chose to rebel against God’s government and authority.
God could have made angels and people so that they could not sin, like he made the stars to remain in their orbital positions. But He made us free agents, not robots. Without this freedom, His creatures would not be able to truly love God, for then they would only be programmed to love Him. God wants love that comes from a willing heart. He is not a God of force. He gave freedom to choose whether to obey or disobey, to love or to hate. Lucifer chose to hate

Michele Earnest It’s the tree of knowledge… God made Lucifer as an angel and Lucifer choose to be prideful and got kicked out of heaven. He was evil and then tempted Eve and she chose to disobey God… It is all a matter of us having free will… He wants us to choose him. Many Angels rebelled… And are now demons who try to steal kill destroy lie and truck us… We fight that spiritual battle with the Holy Spirit… Scripture … Prayer and praise. The Bible says so

Tyler Dixon Can’t have love with out choice. Can’t have freedom without choice.

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka,
In my opinion, is because of free will, as the Bible says God made us in his own image, and that means the ability to think. Lucifer was not made as a tool of evil, he become one because he didn’t wanted to serve the Lord. That’s the lesson, those who don’t want to serve the Lord will end up bad, as he did. The thing about good and evil, is simple, you can’t really do good if you don’t know what’s evil. God wants us to act good and serve him, by our own will. And that’s because he loves us.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

We are created by God thru his image and likeness., including good and bad. Many Christians believe that the Devil was once a beautiful angel named Lucifer who disobeyed God and fell from grace. He uses his freewill to influence our freewill but in the end, every knee will gonna bow to God’s will.

Everything GOD created is good and out of love and holiness for it s HIS nature.
But He also created as with freewill. Love without freedom to choose is not love at all.
It is the choice of the creation to obey or disobey God.

And these fallen angels including Lucifer choose to disobey GOD.

God in his sovereignty only knew why he place the tree of knowledge of good and evil.