Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do bad things happen to good people?
We are not good people, according to the Word of God. We are born with the nature of one whom can be deceived by a liar, who is the Devil. We offend our Creator by living the life of the one we conjure up in our minds. We are all guilty of claiming something or someone evil was good. The son and daughter of God is helped by their Father to distinguish good and evil. The knowledge of good and evil is not possessed by eating a forbidden fruit, it’s given to those whom the Lord has always loved, even before the foundation of this world. Bad things are not ordained by a separate god, there is no other God than the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s the lesson every person ever created will learn and not everyone will be given eternal life to rejoice over it : Life is not about you and I, it’s about Jesus Christ. If you believe we are good based upon our work and not Christ’s work then you have missed the boat completely. Do you have faith in God’s will that He is Good even when He ordains bad things to happen?
I urge you to.

Clayton Criswell

This may help https://www.end-times-prophecy.org/why-god-allow

Emily Frazer

why do bad things happen to good people? easy…we live in a broken world brought about by the abuse of the free will that God was gracious enough to create us with so we wouldn’t all be robots. thankfully, he knew we’d blow it, and sent his son to take on the penalty for our sin thru death. Jesus died our death, conquered death and hell, and now sits beside the father ready to be our advocate…provided we accept his gift and live for him.

Lula Matlock

Why do bad things happen?…. Clayton, here’s one example: I had 4 miscarriages. Why?….because my womb is misshapen. And why?….things just happen in the natural world we live in. God did bless me with a daughter and son eventually. Things happen & WE LEARN FROM THEM. Remember, we have the victory in Jesus!

Suzanne Farmer

Ask Job

Bob Jones

Good and bad happen to both good and bad people it’s called the real world. The world is in a fallen sinful state the good news is Jesus has come to rescue us and deliver us but we have to go through the trials in order that we will grow in faith. I have lost many family and friends young and old, been unemployed, debt the list is endless suffered ill health but Praise Jesus I am standing strong today

Veronica Williams

We all have to go through trials

Shari Pow

But we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ for atoning and died for our sins

Manny Ramirez