Why do I go back to sin even if I’m saved?


Why do I go back to sin even if I’m saved?

Nicole Johns

We have a sin nature that we need to learn to keep in check so you’re not alone. We relieve temptation by giving into it whereas Jesus, while in his human state, suffered through it because He didn’t give into it. He can relate to our struggle yet He was obedient in all things. Nothing had dominion over Him. Hebrews 2:14-18. Stay in the Word and be faithful in prayer. Let your heart become broken and contrite before God over your sin, confess it and also your helplessness to Him. If you are sincere and willing to obey, He will provide a way of escape for you. Don’t give up! EPHESIANS 2:8,9

Susan Wilson

I’m always going to have an inner conflict with this. If we die in sin we won’t make it to him. Even if we’ve tried not to sin our whole lives. I understand we can’t be perfect because only he is. But where is the fine line? I feel like I’ll never really know I’m saved until the end. And it’s just as concerning even doing my best to follow his word accordingly. How do we know we are written in the book of life. So many doubts within my heart.

Justin Williams

We live in a world where sin thrives. It’s so easy to get caught up in the desires of the flesh while we still live here. Thankfully we have the Holy Spirit to convict us when we stray. And we have a merciful Savior that picks us up and takes hold of our hand encouraging us to walk this narrow, rocky path toward glory.

April DeAndre

Because the Spirit wars against the flesh. This is why we take up our cross daily and follow CHRIST. Get into your Word, pray and praise. This keeps me sin conscious, not only what I say but what I do, also. Don’t mean you/I won’t fall but repentance comes quickly when you spend intimate time with The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Dee Sanders

We were born with the sin nature Paul says I know I’m not suppose to do it but I do it anywaysThe more you read your word you get more stronger so stay in his word

Delia Hayley

The lord bless you and keep you make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you ! May he give you peace … Amen

Marcus Turnbull

We will continue to fallll short until we are with Christ in Glorified bodies with out sin.That’s why we have to learn to live righteously by studying what pleases God.We will sin less. And learn to hate our sin. But so grateful that we can go to the Lord for forgiveness. Ask the Lord to give you a heart like His towards sin. You will identify with it and not want to repeat bad behavior practiced in the past.

Hope Thompson