Why do other people convert to other religion?

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Why do other people convert to other religion?

Are they not contented with their first chosen religion?

I used to be a member of a large, rich congregation. However, I converted to my current religion and never look back.

My first religion thought me that I need to work and be holy all the time so that God will be happy and I get to heaven when He returns. Sound so horrific right? Thankfully, I have a mom who just can’t let things go by and decided to know the truth.

I’m happy to say that until now, my whole family is serving God and have a much closer relationship with Jesus Christ my savior.

So I guess, to sum up my answer, I convert to another religion because I found Jesus.

I think people convert to other religion maybe because:
a. they cant find the answer to their questions - they keep on searching and searching for the answers, even the answer was already in front of them. Sometimes because their research they fall into a wrong answers.
b. they are looking at the people around them - people who looks on the other people are easily to get hurt, offended, not open in correction. In this case because they kept on looking on the other people they will decided to look for another religion. They will look for a religion that will fits to their taste or religion that will not correct them. Will let them do what they want.
c. they based their religion to the person that they currently having a relationship with - they will go on that religion because of their partner. So when their relationship is over they will look to another religion or go back to their original religion.

this are just a few reasons that i think people get convert to other religion. Of course there are a lot of other reasons. But we have to know and remember that religion will never saved us, only Our TRUE relationship with the Lord will only saved us. :wink:

One reason I have heard is that the current religions was not serving their needs.

A friend of mine changed his religion because he had lost his best friend in an accident. According to him, the religion he was practicing at the time could not explain why his friend had died so young.

This led to me to believe that a person is likely to convert to another religion when they are going through a tough time in their life. The death of a close friend or family member is difficult and leads one to search for answers from their religion. If the answers are not forthcoming or as good enough as the person wants them to be, then it can lead to the person converting to another religion which seems to provide the answers.

I guess every religion is just the same coz they/we believe in one God, it just matters maybe in one’s faith. I know a person who converted to other religion even if they are baptized originally by one religion because of the fact that the location of their house ii more favourable than the previous. Whatever the reasons they have, may all their faith be intact by God.

It might be…there are a lot of reasons why people are converting, and whatever it may be; may their faith be nourished and grow in God more.

What I have observed, people convert to other religion because they find more strength on the other religion. They feel more and more closer to God and it is easy for them to open up. I find nothing wrong with it as long as they still follow and believe in the word of the Lord God and respect other people’s religion.