Why do people sin knowing it will lead them to hell where there is no relief…

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while but was worried about what people thought. I’m not worried anymore.
A Few months ago I was in my back yard, burning some old wood and as I was standing there looking into the flames and thinking about life. It was like someone was talking to me saying put your hand in the flame. NO!, that is crazy I thought. Then the voice again, "but you have Doctors and medicine to fix the pain. No again I thought. Then the voice said "you wouldn’t put your self in the flame even though there is medicine to relieve the pain. Then why do people sin knowing it will lead them to hell where there is no relief…
people I truly believe it won’t be long before Jesus comes for us. Please get right with God and stay away from sin. No matter what you have done. Jesus can change your life.
God Bless.

Tabitha Lowery

Get pure flix and start watching Christian based programs this should help clarify things for him at home . Scripture says you cannot be a prophet in your own home . Just be the light and he will see.

Carlos M. Perez Jr

I beleive in The Trinity The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I would rather beleive and when I die find out I was wrong that not beleive and die and find out I should have beleived.

Lou YoungPope

One has to be ready and willing to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. One the cross Jesus forgave the thief because he accepted by faith and went to Paradise. God wants all to be in his family.

Mary Ann Dierdorf

I am curious to know what do you mean by “no relief”… Relief from what? And… When are you expecting this hell to be existent… Now after death or in the future after all prophesy is fulfilled?

Without God, this life is hell