Why do some pastors thinks that they are always right?

Even if they hurt others, they still think that it is not their fault but Satan’s and the hurt person’s problems.

This question is identical to the question “Why do some people think that they are always right?” except that in a Christian forum, it has the added overtones that make it so much more than what the word calls a “psychopath”. (search it for more detail if interested)

But to your specific question “Why do some pastors think that they are always right?” and the one more sentence you wrote in the description area, this is my answer.

Answer: Because they have made themselves “God”. Mind you, neither a pastor nor a lay person ever IS God. But people like this THINK they ARE God. Oh, they will tell you they don’t think that at all! To check on this, just watch their behavior. Any person who is “never wrong” has made themselves “God” and are to be avoided. They will want you to worship them, praise them, glorify them and most of all, give them something, usually money, respect, non-questioning obedience. This is why you should find a way to avoid them or leave their company immediately and completely.

In other words: Answer: Get a new pastor if your pastor is never wrong. And if the only wrong your pastor will admit is something silly like spilling their coffee on the floor, that does not count as admitting they can be wrong.

The reason you should immediately leave their company is because you believe in God and therefore all your worship and obedience is to go to Him, not to the person or pastor who thinks they are all that and a bag of chips. They are as naked when defecating as all the rest of us. Never forget that. We are ALL fallen and sinful human beings. Some are just far worse than others.

P.S. Apparently it is normal for Satan to masquerade as an “angel of light” so why wouldn’t Satan want people to pretend to themselves that they are “God”? Know the source.


The pastor is not perfect, we should pray for them. God uses them to lead us, we should show fear and obedience to them. God is their leader, God will discipline them if they have problem.

You mean see them as God?

strength153, with all due respect, I think perhaps there is something that needs correction.
Of course, it’s very possible this is really what you meant. Correct me if I am wrong.

We should obey earthly authorities over us.
Our fear and obedience ultimately is to God.

Fearing a human being is being in an abusive relationship, usually on the side of the victim.
Paul writes that we are NOT called to lay down and let others walk on us. We are God’s children, and as such, we should cast out ANY (including leaders in the church, yes, if they qualify) who by their actions prove themselves completely unrepentant. Their fruits usually show them to obviously be children of Satan, not of God.

One who practices sinning, in other words, perfects it over time, is not of God. When we have made ourselves obedient to the triune Godhead that is God (meaning the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) we are no longer slaves to sin but slaves to Christ. Continuous sinning is something we cannot do as the Holy Spirit will not allow it. We pull away from it, don’t feel right about something we never used to consider “sin” like cussing, etc. These are fruits of being a Christian. If a Pastor is not showing these fruits but rather is abusing his congregation members and then blaming them for it instead of repenting…either throw him out of your midst, or if you do not have anyone behind you to do that, I suggest you run!

Oh, and don’t forget the police report.


Humans are all sins. Pastors are also human and sinful. When we look at our lives, there are so many fragile parts of us. The same goes for pastors. Although their appearance is more moral, they must show a good image in the faith, but others do not. This is our weakness and we are constantly fighting and wiping out. We seem to be right when there is pride in us. But we must be humble.

It’s not judged by us. If we see the problems from our spiritual leaders, it’s much better to pray for them, pray that God will guide them and let them know their problems and fix them.

As a bystanders, I can’t judge anything. I also don’t know what you experienced. But I can read your hurting and lonely heart. Pastors are shepherds and spiritual parents for us. God lead us through the shepherd and care us by the spiritual parents. In realistic world, children even feel hurt by their parents, but they will not leave their parents. If you feel hurt, please pray to God. God will comfort you fully. If it is really the problem of your pastors, God will talk to them later. Please believe God is absolutely fair and just. He is the final supreme Judge.

Please trust God and your Spiritual leaders. If you feel hurt and there is some problem between you and them. You can share with them and pray to God. I believe the misunderstanding will be clear soon. Be care of the trap of victimization.