Why do we close our eyes when we pray?

I do close my eyes when I pray because through that I see no distractions and could talk to God solemnly…I used to do that so I can avoid any temptations that my eyes could see.

Hi @MakkaPakka! Same! Whenever I close my eyes and pray I can focus more on my conversation with God. I feel at ease and closer to the Lord God.

Sometimes. the best things in life are experienced with eyes closed. It allows us to be focused and create a sense of exclusivity with God. I close my eyes because, I feel I more in line with myself. I am more connected to my heart and therefore I am better at talking with God and making my heart known to Him.

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Personally, I close my eyes in prayer when I am with congregation of God’s people so I am more focus and not get distracted easily. It is safe to close your eyes in prayer when you are in assembly of God;s people.

But it is not wise to close your eyes in prayer when you are ministering especially inner healing and deliverance and being in a public place.

Truly indeed by closing your eyes you can pray solemnly and earnestly to God. I have a friend before who is our leader in school in leading the rosary everyday through intercom. She always forgets on what bead in the rosary she is reciting and forgets the mysteries. So I told her to focus praying and close her eyes to avoid destructions, and so she did! At the end of our school year she was awarded as “Best Rosary leader”.

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I close my eyes when I pray mainly to avoid distractions and to help me better concentrate on God. It’s so easy for your eyes to wander or catch some bright colour and then get you distracted and your mind wandering from Prayer. When you close your eyes it’s easier to avoid all these.

Awe!! I wish our school had that! That’s so nice and inspiring. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

@ MakkaPakka For me I close my eyes to avoid the distractions and temptations of the world. And also closing our eyes it symbolizes the reality that we see God through the spiritual eyes of faith; it reminds us that we encounter God in the ‘inner room’ of our souls.

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The Bible gives us a few important things to remember about prayer. Remember that we are talking to God. Pray often, thanking God and asking Him for help. And don’t think that you have to talk for hours or use really big words!

Prayer is about talking honestly to God about what is going on. Sometimes people close their eyes to help them focus on what they are saying without being distracted. Some people close their eyes because that’s what they were taught to do when they were kids.

The great thing is that if we are remembering who we’re talking to, there’s really no wrong way to pray. You can walk around your neighborhood or school with your eyes wide open and pray for the people you see. Or you can spend time in your bedroom with your eyes shut, praying about things that worry you. God wants to hear from you, and that’s really the important thing: that we talk to God about the things going on in our life.

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