Why do we cry when we pray?

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Why do we cry when we pray?

Why do we cry when we pray?

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When you come into the presence of a Holy God, it’s natural for tears to flow. In fact, I would surmise that when you pray with others, they start crying too.

Often I’ll cry because I sense God’s tenderness toward me. When a friend and I use to pray together, she would always bring tissues because she said, “I always cry when you pray.”

Flowing tears indicate you have a tender heart towards God. That means you’ll be able to hear Him when He speaks to you. Don’t be concerned or try to stop what is a natural and loving response to God. Rejoice that you can express your love towards God in this way. Most people can’t.


I do it to. For me, it’s because I feel things very deeply and if I am very sincerely passionate about something and I express it verbally, it will come out with a flood of tears. For me, prayer is not a casual thing. It is a very intimate form of communication with my Father. I feel safe to pour my heart and my tears out in prayer knowing I’m not going to be judged or thought less of by Him for doing so. About the only time I don’t cry when I pray is when praying over a meal. Otherwise, the tears flow freely and I am glad they do.

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Crying occurs when you held to much inside of you along with all your pain . When you pray you leave it in God hands . After you done praying you will feel some contentment within yourself and lighter just have faith and it will all work out.

Most oftenly, people get emotional when they got very attached to their love ones!!! That attachment can on both levels 1- emotional level and 2-mental level… ‘ Praying’ is such a beautiful feeling ever… At that moment you are honest with yourself and with that energy to whom you are praying!!! That could be the reason some people gets cry when they pray!!!

Strong emotions come to you when you pray, that are related to your mental illness. Crying is part of the excretory system. You are getting rid of the excess neurotransmitters. It is not a blessing of god but something that just happens. It’s the way your brain is wired and making relationships between concepts and experiences that you have acquired throughout your life.

That’s a great worldly explanation. A good example of it.
Since you cannot even capitalize “god” like so “God”, my guess is you do not believe in Him.
Why then are you answering questions on this community?

I cry when I read the Bible. Not always, but frequently. For me it’s tears usually of overwhelming gratitude and wonder for God’s sweet mercy and love.

There are other times I WISH I could cry. Instead, I groan, and it is always at sin. Mine, yours, someone else’s, it matters not. We’re all sinners. But those groans are how the Holy Spirit enlightens me as to where sin exists. I never saw this before I was saved. It helps me now, as it help warn me from going places in my head OR in my life that would grieve the Holy Spirit.
Often, a scripture I have read will be brought to mind by the Holy Spirit as well. And I have to search to find it, but I’ve been given enough words to search and to find, easily, most of the time. If I can’t, it’s my own desire to find something.

Those of you who cry when you pray, I give you this encouragement:

Psalm 126:5-6 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
5 Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.
6 He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed,
Shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

God bless.

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When I feel the love of God and sacrifice of Jesus.I cannot help but cry.

For me, when I really see my sins and repent, when I have difficult situation and pray to God, when I think about the love of God, I cry.

In my case, when the Holy Spirit comes to me, I cry. I think that is grace from God.

I think this is the result of the holy spirit moving me. When our hearts are touched by God’s love, we naturally and uncontrollably shed tears of gratitude or repentance. I think, this is very holy and beautiful thing.

I have tears when I talk to God about everything in my mind. I am moved by repentance and love.