Why do we have feel empty?

I feel weak!!

Every servants of God experience some moments of weakness. That is why in the book of Psalms, we see a lot of Psalms where the author is expressing his suffering, weakness and agony.
In Psalm 119:28, My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.
The Psalmist is asking for strength, and we can get the by reading the word of God and of course prayer. Rest assured that I will pray for you.

Hi! That feleing of being empty is normal. We all have our bad days. This is when we need the Lord God the most. Whenever we feel empty, we seek for the Lord’s guidance and protection. I have been feeling empty the past few days, so I asked the Lord for guidance. I hope you’re doing fine now.

Hi there @abiwaiting4you! Most of the time I felt what you feel too. It is because sometimes we don’t have control of our emotions and its normal to become weak at times. Just pray, and pray and pray. In order to release by emotions, I often write it in my journal as a prayer to God and afterwards I feel better, you may try it too! Have a nice day ahead

I’ll drag this topic up again for I know a lot of you here can relate and might share your thoughts too…Feeling empty is a strange and uncomfortable feeling that each and one of us encounter from time to time. It can be momentary, situational, or long-lasting.

One thing to remember is that emptiness is a normal feeling, yes it is because oftentimes I feel empty too…So what to do? Take a few moments to reflect on the causes and ask yourself, “Why am I feeling empty?” and examine each one of the points…once you’ll identify what causes it, you can then formulate solutions and feel relaxed. :blush: