Why do you believe in the Bible?

Someone asked: why do you believe in the Bible?
What are the reasons for believing in the Bible.

Alan Hua

It’s historically accurate and we’ve seen the prophecies come to pass and still are currently happening. Since coming to God my life has went from massive mess where I was in the depths of despair and now, though I have problems as we all do, I have ho… See more

Christina Grafner

Its words have proven themselves so consistently and remarkably true, they can only be The Word of God. However, a person only accepts and believes this thru the work of Holy Spirit in their heart

Ron Lagemaat

Because it’s the True, Living Breathing Word of God. God used it to transform my life. It reads me daily & corrects me when me get off path. Everything in it has and will come to pass. His word is never ending.

Sara Weiss