Why does God give us Grace, when our sins are already forgiven?

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Why does God give us Grace, when our sins are already forgiven?

Arion JB

When working faith, what does the Holy Spirit do? He comes into a person, lives in them, becomes their faith’s seal and gives them the certainty that they’re God’s and will stay His.What is preservation in the true faith? The Holy Spirit’s work.What did the Holy Spirit do? He called us by the Gospel, gave us spiritual gifts and sanctified us.What does the Holy Spirit do now? He keeps us in the true faith.

James McNair Brown

The grace that we are forgiven at all is wonderful … if Jesus hasn’t died to cleanse sins we have no way back to heaven when praying for sins n forgiveness … that is the grace !

Wendy Normand

Because we are human and grace keeps us covered .

Linda Boerstler

After one is born a new. Means they are giving a new heart. Now they are forgiven and free. But because we are still in the flesh we are still capable of sin that’s why it is said in scripture we need to walk in the spirit and not gratify the desires of the flesh so if somebody is walking in their flesh being led by their flesh they will sin but it is not held against him because it is not within their heart to send they are only sending because they are tempted because they are walking in the flesh allowing the Devil to tempt them. But if they walked in the spirit they would have no interest in the Sin they would be crucifying their flesh and giving a no room for the devil. That is how Grace works so that even though you may sin while walking in the flesh your new heart is not corrupted unless you willfully sin you willfully decide you enjoy it you want to continue doing it and go further into physically sinning like the Catholic called the 10 deadly sins. They are deadly because they stay in your new soul and you have to willingly decide to do them like fornication if one accidentally lust after a woman or man while walking in the flesh the Lord can forgive them and not hold it against them because they did not know what they’re doing but if they go and have sex with a woman or man that is not an accident that was willfully decided to do and they have stained their new heart with fornication. They are no longer under grace. Some people use Grace things that you can walk in the flesh and it is not held against you as a license to sin. In the scripture it is called licentiousness. But Grace can only go so far. Before we willfully sin and lose everything. So Grace is good to have but we should not rely on it to keep us we should willingly choose to obey and walk in the spirit nearby not gratifying the desires of the flesh there by not needing to use Grace.

Daniel Hutch

God pours His grace out on His own children because He loves them and wants to see them blessed and empowered.

Nancy Smith-Williams

To give us space to grow. That is grace.

Tim Williams

We need grace every day of our lives!!!

Peggie Adamson