Why does God not give people a chance to repent after they die?

Why does God not give people a chance to repent after they die? Answer that correctly, biblically, and with a consistent theology and you’ll understand the sovereignty of God and the wickedness of man.

Ashley Moore

The Bible says Today is the Day of Salvation Tomorrow may never come.there is no time of repentance after death.

Brenda Lee

They heard saw and lived amongst Christians and rejected. Choice is yours. People love the world more than God. Death is the 1st death 2nd death still to come. Scripture does not mention repentance after death. Scripture has to be fulfilled.

Tholsee Reddy

Because we have the chance while we are alive to accept him or not. God doesn’t make us doing anything he gives us freewill

Alicia Pierce

They must heard the Gospel but denied Christ .It was their choice.There’s no repentance after death.otherwise Christ death in the Cross is useless and meaningless.

Marie Badong

Well…the concept of reincarnation is actually all over throughout the Bible but the topic has been tainted for some reason so none of the many scriptures referencing it can be properly understood. Our long journey, if indeed one sent from heaven, i… See more

Brandilyn Chalmers

GOD Does Give EVERYONE Many Chances to Repent while we are ALIVE in this planet not after you die. Dont Wait Any Longer & Repent NOW, tomorrow is never promised. Praise The Living God our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Orlando Fuego