Why God justifies the lie of Abraham?

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Why God justifies the lie of Abraham?

This is a question that was troubling me for quiet sometime. Abraham lied to pharaoh about this wife. Is Abraham’s lie a sin? I know many of you will agree that it is a sin. But why is God defending Abraham - not giving him in to the hands of pharaoh?

hahahahhah One minute people are asking why God is so mean, and the next minute someone else is asking why is God so forgiving.

Of course it is a sin. King David sinned greatly! He committed adultery with a married woman named Bathsheba, then killed her husband Uriah, so he could have her. God called him out on that.

Here’s the difference: before Moses and the law, God was more forgiving of sin in general, though that does not mean that God condones sin. He is patient with us.

Bottom line: ALL fall short of the glory of God. There is not one mere human being in the Bible who does not sin. Abraham sins, Isaac sins, Jacob sins, all of Israel sins, all gentiles sin. We are all sinners. That is why when Christ died, He died for the sins of the WORLD.

See Romans 3 for more information on the law and keep reading into the next chapters if the third chapter doesn’t explain it enough.

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