Why I always become sleepy when I pray?

Why I always become sleepy when I pray?

I want to pray more, but almost every time when I pray, I become sleepy, do you have similar experience?

Try to pray with a sincere heart. God is spirit, we should pray him with truth and our heart.

How long did you sleep everyday?

Prayer is very powerful, it’s the authority Jesus gave us. So Satan is very afraid of our prayer, and he will make every effort to prevent us praying. We should be watchful, and know praying is not just saying some words to God, it’s a battle.

Hmmm… I also have same problem, let’s pray more and more T.T

6 hours almost.

First, we should have a good and healthy habit of sleeping. And about pray, we should pray more and more, when we pray more, we will not sleep day by day.

I pray right where I am. Silently, most often. Instead of having a specific “prayer time” which also keeps it from being right before bed (thus, the sleepiness), I pray when prayer is needed or asked for.

When you pray, pray with your heart and sincerity. Prayer is a way of communicating with God, not just talking alone.

If your sleeping hour is normal, it means you are weak in your spirit.
We should know that prayer is a spiritual battle. For you I think you should listen to the Word of God and try to memorize the Bible. And offer proclaiming prayer with God’s Word.

If you are tired and you sleep, you need to pay attention to sleep. Rest more.
If not, more prayers are needed, standing in prayer or prayer with voice. Prayer when necessary to Loud.
Prayer is a spiritual battle. God wants us to come to Him and pray. But Satan does not like us to be close to God, let alone to pray. Satan will also stop people from coming to God to pray.