Why I always see the negative side? Any help?

Why I always see the negative side? Any help?

First, hide unless you want to be hurt.
Then try your best to say something good.

Until you become a pastor

I know everyone has the image of God, but what I see always is people’s evil, am I too proud? Why is it so easy for me to see the negative side of the life? :frowning:

The true positive thought is from God, who are good God, the world and the history is in his hands. No matter what happened today, God is leading us and move towards a world without tear and pain and sin He promised us. So don’t worry, just trust in God.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. NIV Philippians 4:6~7

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Try to check your thoughts with God’s words, and pray for your heart. When our minds always think in a positive, positive direction, we are as God’s thoughts, and our lives are filled with the grace and blessings of God.

On the contrary, if you are always thinking negatively, I feel impossible, it is too difficult, I do not have enough, etc. When you have this attitude, your life will go in that direction. There is a saying: "What we think in our heart will attract what comes into our lives. When you think of winning, succeeding, with the peace of God, and healing … your life will attract the peace of God and heal into you The opposite, you always think impossible, no chance, no achievement, mediocrity, depression, lack of will enter your life.

I think it’s a process, you need faith and time and patience. God will help you!

I think this is your choice. You are free, you can choose to keep what kind of thoughts in your heart. I want to share s story with you.

I knows a sister who works in a beauty parlor. Last week she shared with me that the boss seemed biased toward her and always assigned the guest to another cosmetologist, so she lost a lot of opportunities of making money. She was distressed, uncomfortable, and she had been in that salon for a long time, but her boss was so partial that she was upset and her income was diminishing.

As I listened to her sharing, I suggested that she still have to think positively and view it in God’s view. If God allows this to happen in your life, there must be His good intentions to help you learn valuable homework among them. Later, she really changed attitude, although unfair, although the income decreases, but she still happily go to work everyday.

Not long afterwards, she said to me, “So curious, our boss originally assigned most of our guests to another beautician, as a result the beautician was too tired and sick, now that beauty teacher’s guests all turned to me.”

If you are a Christian, change your perspective to God. God is the one who turns it into a line of evil. In our thinking and perspective, everything may seem unsatisfactory and unfit. But God always leads us in the good way and always will fill us with good things. Please pray when complaints and complaints come in. And ask God. In this situation, ask what God wants to do through me and how God will lead me. God will answer you and guide you in the good way.