I have asked this question so many times, but I always seem to get the same answer! I know Leighton Flowers won’t read or answer this personally but why do people always say, “faith alone” when I ask them “WHY IS BAPTISM NOT ESSENTIAL FOR SALVATION?” Now remember that I am Not a Calvinist. If you are then plese don’t answer this. The words “faith Alone” originated in Martin Luther’s theology and he rewrote romans 8:28 to include the “added” word alone in German. Luther insisted that Paul’s doctrine of “justification by faith” was definitive for Christianity. And to make sure that there were no understandings about this, he added he word “alone” lest anyone see faith as one among a number of causes of justification-including works. In conclusion I see the “knee jerk reaction” that most born again believers have been programmed to give is “faith alone lest any man should boast”. I understand where most get this idea but in its “unscriptural” background people don’t understand that Martin Luther was originally thinking about Catholicism with it’s works based salvation and not the actual multiple occurrences of baptism being taught by the teachers every time in the NT as something that MUST happen immediately after conversion and then they accomplish that thing within the hour of a person believing! I think that the way people have come to view this is a remnant of Calvinism and people don’t even think twice! Most teachers never spend more than 5 minutes discussing it and rarely share the fact that there is many scriptures and Christ himself backs up this practice and commands it after he resurrected right before he physically ascended ! T.C.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins, there are places in the Bible that call on Baptism to receive the Holy Spirit, there are other areas that say acceptance of Jesus death and resurrection give you salvation, Romans 10: 9 - 10. In Amos, it says those that call on the name o… See more

Allen Scott

Baptism is a public declaration of your faith. It is not required for salvation. I watched my sister receive the Lord into her heart 2 days before she succumbed to cancer. She was never baptized. But I am confident that the finished work of the Savior … See more

April DeAndre

In as much as baptism doesn’t guarantee us salvationIt our first initiation as believer in Jesus and it must be fulfilled… See more

Immaculate Ogugua