Why is hell so awful? One it was created for Satan and his demons. Secondly because people don’t realize that hell is the absence of God

Why is hell so awful? One it was created for Satan and his demons. Secondly because people don’t realize that hell is the absence of God. the reason why there’s no air in hell it’s because God is a breath of life. There is no peace in hell because God is the prince of peace. There is no comfort in hell because God is the comforter. There is no love in hell because God is love. Hell is darkness because God is the light. What people don’t realize is on earth they get to experience a lot of the good qualities of God, they of course get to experience bad things on earth as well. If they do not choose God on earth they do not get to experience his goodness in eternity. Hell is total separation from God. So if you like the beautiful things on earth you should choose God because that’s who God is. God doesn’t send people to hell. He wishes none should perish. But we are already headed there if we do not have Jesus. God made a way to keep us from going there, we just have to accept and choose that free gift. Choose Jesus.
Ps. I will never water down the gospel to please people. I fear God alone and not man. I won’t stand before my creator and explain that I was too scared to offend people by talking about this stuff. Jesus talked about hell, sin, repentance, holiness and righteousness, and I wanna be like Jesus, so I’m gonna talk about it too.

Earl Zandrie Valle

God the merciful and the most benevolent cannot create a place for eternal suffering.Hell exists but it is a transiting place for the souls.That’s why the proper word is purgatory.Because you need to purge all your wrong doings before you can ascend to higher region. And that’s a very painful experience. That’s why they talk about hell.The purgatory is located in the lower region of the astral world where the departed soul reviews its just ended earthly life . Usually we feel all the pain committed to others but this time because we don’t have the protective shield of the physical body , the pain is three times higher. That pain then has the necessary power to remove the coarser matter of our astral body , so that we can pass to a higher region called the 1st heaven.This is what the Bible calls solid food for adults.

Max Ko

Um, I hate to break it to you, unless you love evil, this life is your hell. Nothing after this will descend so low, be so difficult, and try your soul more than this life does. This is the only Hell you’ll need to endure. So stay the course and trust in God.

Tim Williams

Weeping and gnashing of teeth doesn’t-sound like heaven oh I should add there worm dies not. Denying this doesn’t make it so. Repent and Believe in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and you will be saved.

Angela Simms

Definitely. Jesus talked about and had more references to Hell than to Heaven. That should alert all of us about the danger of going there. You have explained in a understandable way what Hell is.

Sharon Bowen Hanson

lol this is obviously a post many needed to see. for all those saying there is no hell… what about the story of the rich and poor man? the rich man SEEN the poor man in heaven. can you see heaven from here? lol WAKEEE UP!!!

Matthew Adam Gerrard

Thank you for such an appropriate and simple explanation. I will be adopting this explanation when sharing the Gospel.

Velogan Muthayan

Amen God in heaven Created all thing’s. Love is everything. God gave his One and only son so no man would Parish . For only through Jesus Christ we have everlasting life. Read the book of Mathew

Lillian Lanier

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