Why is it so hard to read bible everday?

What is the modivation for you to read bible daily? I want to do this, but i always cannot continue day by day, what can it do?

You can try find some one do together.

I have been also busy for a long time and thought I cannot find time regularly to read Bible so I started with listening to audio Bible. It actually worked for me. I could start a habit and as I could carry it on for more and more days I got actually excited about the books. There are Bible apps for phones, which make this very easy and they also have suggested reading plans.

All in all this is what worked for bringing me back on track with daily Bible. Try it out. Maybe that helps you too. There are also many different languages available. After I listened a couple of times through the entire Bible in English I am trying now another language I once had in high school to freshen up my memory. ^^

In fact, it is boring to read the Bible. In fact, it is more fun to play games, play, and watch movies. But reading the Bible is the building of our spiritual form. Through it, our spirit will become richer. It would be our good habit if we enjoyed taking a little worldly attention and meditating on the Bible.

It is not easy in the beginning if you feel that you canot get somehting from reading the bible. Howerve, God does talk to you througth His words, so please keep the good habit to read it, and you will find that it is a enjoyable thing to do. May God bless you when yod read his words.

If you can find reason to feed your body every day and that is something that will perish, how much more can you find reason to feed your soul everyday, which is something that is imperishable?

For me, I don’t wait for motivation. If I wait for motivation I never do it. I just get up, do my morning clean up, get the coffee going and start right in. I don’t let my brain make any other plans first. That way, it’s a must do not a “gee, I really should.”

And I want to read it more the more I read! It becomes fun! Not to mention interesting, astounding, regenerating, encouraging, comforting, and brings about my repentance. But that is all good! I encourage you to just make a commitment. And don’t read a verse here or there. Read a story. If you can’t read the whole story (example: all of Matthew) read a chapter at least every day. Think of it as food.

Matthew 4:4 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.’”

It’s always hard to continue doing one things day by day, even one very little thing. But you will get benefits if you insist on doing it.

I think that it is because of our sin. Our souls are eager to reading the word of God.

Because we are in the spiritual battle. we should realize it.
But the love of God is the greatest. So the more you read the more you will love it.
Trust God, He will draw you close to Him.

You can read together with your friend, it may easier