Why is it wrong to tell a lie, even if it doesn’t seem to hurt anyone?

Why is it wrong to tell a lie, even if it doesn’t seem to hurt anyone? One reason, and one that we should take very seriously, is because God commands us to tell the truth. One of the Ten Commandments states clearly, “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16). But another reason is because a lie always, without exception, hurts someone. How do you know, for instance, what impact your untruthful words might have on someone’s reputation? The answer is, you don’t. Or do you honestly want your children to grow up thinking it doesn’t matter whether or not they tell the truth? Do you honestly want your unbelieving friends to conclude that Christ doesn’t mean anything to you? Most of all, a lie always hurts the one who tells it. It makes them less concerned about God’s truth. In addition, others will eventually realize that they can’t be trusted. Don’t compromise on the truth, commit every part of your life to Christ, including your speech. - Ephesians 4:25

Ric Rodriquez

No such thing as a little white lie,

Chuck Smith

1 lie can destroy your mind and knock u off gods path. We will never be perfect but we must do our best. Always repent, stay in 24/7 relationship with Jesus and you’ll be alright. God bless

Chaves Jason

Your friend has a new baby. It’s as ugly as an Orangutan! Do you mean to tell me you’re going to tell her the truth?

J Warren Stilley

Help me Lord to always be truthful for your sake and mine. Amen

Doris Gregoire

Truth is always good.

Pamela Bendele

The father of lies is the devil. Don’t join him.

Mark Alcock

Noone can tell the truth without tedtimony, and bearing on such there is no truth but without proof can you testify to the ressurection and proofs thereof? The truth then is not of word but of action, therefore there is never anything to say, unless it be a word for conviction of some manner

Frank French