Why is the lord said multitude are called but few are chosen!?

Mathew 22:14!
Why is the lord said multitude are called but few are chosen!?

Caridad B. Monroe

Many are called into the kingdom of God(thus becoming Children of God) but few are/will be chosen to do the work of the Apostles/Pastors/Prophets/Teachers etc, just as Christ Jesus chose only 12 out of the multitudes to work with.

Aik da’Nazarene

God calls every one. But pride holds back from surrendering

Hope Thompson

Most will resist the work of the Holy Spirit. God’s means of grace are offered to all, but no one is forced to receive the free offer of grace. [Many are "too smart-(sarcasm intended)]

Louis Marinelli

Just a few scriptures ahead of that one it says : Mathew 15:8‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.Many people call themselves Christians but do they really love God and obey His word? Our obedience matters. It’s not lip service - God calls everyone- He wants everyone but few are chosen. If you said you are married and loved your spouse yet cheated on them with other lovers, porn or put other idols ahead of the spouse - would that spouse feel loved? Like they even mattered. It wouldn’t matter if one said they were married if the actions showed otherwise. They aren’t really “choosing” to live their spouse with their heart. I believe God calls everyone but chooses those that remain obedient to Him.

Kari Leonard

Bcoz not all of his children will obey him

Bella Princesslorrein Tesoro

We have to make a choice to follow Jesus and few actually do.

Sam Morris

Because it’s true

Troy Mitchell