Why it’s important to stay in the Bible…

You can read 5 different Christian books written by 5 different people and get 5 different meanings,this is why it’s important to stay in the Bible…
The only truth!
Don’t be mislead by people…

Mike Busler

Give an example. Because Ministering is Just Like Composing. You can write a love song, about one subject, Expressed differently in the lyrics

Earl Coleman

Some people are Godly and God-fearing men and women that hear clearly from God, writing what He wants them to write. All from God!

Aud D. H. Winchell

God says the only truth is scriptures,they never change but man’s opinion changes,God will give you clarity to help you grow closer to him but that does not mean to go tell someone what your clarity was because we all have our own finger print we are u… See more

Gina Ledbetter