Why Jesus is your savior?

Why Jesus is your savior?
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Because He died on the cross because of my sins, so that I could get free from the punishment of the sins and became God’s son.

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Why Jesus is your savior?

Because I am a sinner, I couldn’t get saved by myself, only through the blood of Jesus Christ, who is the son of God.

Because nobody else could give do it. For sure I could not do it myself. Tried it. ^^

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In Jesus Christ, I really know that my sins were cleared by him. I know that I am the new creation. He reveals the unconditional love to me, and I really know that my life is meaningful because God loves me.

He guides my way through his words, I am no longer the slave of sin but the precious daughter of God.

He loves me and even with his whole life and buys me from the evil. So he is my savior.

jesus died for me and saved me from the sin. He is the true Son of God.

Because Jesus redeemed me and sacrificed for my sin. He replaced me to die for my sin. He reconciled my relationship with God. He give me a new life, new identity. I can live again as a son of God.

Because, everyone of us are sinners, and no efforts of human can save us.

Jesus is my savior, because He is the only way to God, the only one who can forgive my sins and died for my sins. He saved my life from my sins and gave me a new life.

Because He is the ultimate Knight in Shining Armor whom we can truly live with happily ever after in the eternal after life, and He rescues me from my own weaknesses in this life.

I, too, tried to be “righteous” on my own. Total failure. Result: 100 ulcers. Really.
Next, I tried to “just be a good person” on my own. Total failure. Result: the usual human mess.
Finally, I tried, “Jesus, help me” and suddenly this burden I could not overcome was lifted from my shoulders.

He’s my Savior, my God, my King, my High Priest and even my Friend.

Because He died for me for my sins. And he resurrected and gave me the hope of eternal life.

Because I’m a sinner, I can’t come to God. But Jesus who died on the cross and became a mediator between God and I. He died so I can have life.