Why local church is important for our faith?

Why local church is important for our faith?

As much as we should celebrate this age of abundance in Christian resources, I worry about some of its side effects. Namely: why is the rise in access to theological material coinciding with a decline in Christian church attendance? Could it be that our easy access to theological content is, in a twisted way, making us see church as unnecessary? Listening to a Christian podcast or devotional app, after all, is much easier than getting out of bed on Sunday morning and going to a church building. But is it the same?

There is a problem in the church today.

Preachers are no longer “preaching”.

From: Websters Dictionary 1828 - Webster's Dictionary 1828 - Preach
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PREACH, verb intransitive [Latin proeco, a crier; precor.]

  1. To pronounce a public discourse on a religious subject, or from a subject, or from a text of Scripture. The word is usually applied to such discourses as are formed from a text of Scripture. This is the modern sense of preach

  2. To discourse on the gospel way of salvation and exhort to repentance; to discourse on evangelical truths and exhort to a belief of them and acceptance of the terms of salvation. This was the extemporaneous manner of preaching pursued by Christ and his apostles. Matthew 4:10. Acts 10:14.

PREACH, verb transitive To proclaim; to publish in religious discourses.

What ye hear in the ear, that preach ye on the house-tops. Matthew 10:7.

The Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings to the meek. Isaiah 61:1.

  1. To inculcate in public discourses.

I have preached righteousness in the great congregations. Psalms 40:9.

He oft to them preach’d

Conversion and repentance.

To preach Christ or Christ crucified, to announce Christ as the only Savior, and his atonement as the only ground of acceptance with God. 1 Corinthians 1:17.

To preach up, to discourse in favor of.

Can they preach up equality of birth?

PREACH, noun A religious discourse. [Not used.]

When pastors become activity supervisors, or worse, entertainers, one would almost be better off staying at home and reading the Bible on Sunday morning for the three hours it takes to get ready, go, attend, and come home. Almost.

If you are one who is having trouble finding a Biblical Expositional preacher, there are a couple of ways to do so:

  1. Go to Church Finder
  2. Find the website of the church you are interested in.
  3. Look carefully to see if they actually uphold scriptural teaching or are too busy with “fun and exciting” activities.

The entertainment industry has for the most part taken over the majority of churches in America today (in 2019). But there are good pastors who exegete (explain verse by verse) the scriptures, the Word of God, to their flocks. Another way is to contact GTY.ORG and ask for referrals to an ordained pastor near you who attended GTY’s Master’s University.