Why Men and Women Can't Be "Just Friends"?

Do you think men and women can be “just friends”?

Here is the voice from Tim Keller, he thinks men and women don’t exist “just friends” relationship. This is the first time, I heard this opinion. After you listen to it, please share your opinion with me if you agree or not?

In my personal opinion, I believe a man and a woman CAN be just friends. I mean, it is within you, the person, and the people surrounding the both of you to respect your friendship and not do anything that can ruin it.

What’s the boundaries are appropriate?


Hello, dear @Phoebe
Speaking from my experience, I really think this a wrong way to think. Of course man and women can be friends, the human needs social interactions.
It’s not even about the attraction, it’s friendship. You are not attracted to every opposite sex person you met, right? But you socialize and form bonds of friendship with every person you meet each day.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.


I agree!