Why Paul claimed himself as the worst sinner?

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners(B)—of whom I am the worst.(Timothy1 1:15)
Why Paul claimed himself as the worst sinner? What he actaully did and not him Jesus followers?I am confused why Paul said so !

Wardog Sam

He’s being humble. He’s not giving himself credit, that’s what Jesus likes us to do really… However, He did murder Christians before coming to the knowledge of Christ. Thank God for Paul!!! He went to the gentiles, I wouldn’t know about Jesus without his help!

Holly Price

Paul was Christian murderer before his conversion that makes him call himself worst of sinners. Humility coincides with his being worse also.

Alexander Castro

Awesome question. Paul was actually blameless according to the law and the Jewish community. Yet he was in reality killing Jesus’s followers. You can actually follow the law and be really wrong and not even know it.

Lance Carter