Why Prayer is powerful?

Why Prayer is powerful?
Simply because you’re talking to the Great Creator of heaven & earth and He’s able to give what you ask according to His will.
Is there something too hard for Him? You know the answer friends.
So don’t give up praying
May God strengthens your hearts

Maya Mar

The Christian journey is to read your Bible and pray every day thanking for the day provided , good health ,roof overhead and that we can get by with what we have ,worked for etc and that we can get the opportunity in telling others about God in so many ways .Praying for family ,friends ,our ones with sickness and ones needing encouragement and extra prayers to help then daily and that our leaders become more relavent for all actions they carry out daily in everything serving it’s people to all be treated correctly ,same and that being the most important as they are one of us are they not .

Stephen Mackie

Amen so powerful!!! God bless you.Let prayer be our habit. Let be like our heartbeat. Let it our breath and daily bread

Stephen Shiundu

Amen lord bless love

Tina Rodriguez