Why religion is important to our community?

hello, can you help me to conduct a survey?
Why religion is important to our community?

Kent Reyes

Religion as such is not important being like minded with religious beliefs brings about a sense of unity but it is not necessarily a good unity. Even people who are in the satanic religion can be in unity and harmony with their own people beliefs and w… See more

Darryn Marsden

Religion puts the focus on rules that we can follow and treat like a “checklist”, which I think people lean towards because they can control it. The truth is that, as many others have said here, true saving faith in Christ is all about our relationship… See more

Simplify Jesus

When the spirit of truth, arrives, you find the final piece of life’s journey, praise to, and for the king, for he is worthy of all Amen

Cathy Thompson

today is important for our Country