Why we should obey God's commandments?

Why we should obey God's commandments?

God’s commandments is to protect us and lead us, when we obey it, we will have a right and wonderful life.

Why we should obey God’s commandments ?

If you don’t obey, you will die as Adam and Eve. Every kind of life has the way to live, fish must be in the water, birds can fly in the sky, as for human being with the spirit, we need God’ commandments and love to live.

Yes, I agree.
God gives us commandments to protect us. The world was created with the law, when we obey God’s commandments, we will get blessing.

I want to obey God’s commandments bz I know that he loves me and he created me. Even though I may not realize it, but I know for sure that I can fulfill my true dream in my deep heart and grow mature to be my real self by obeying God’s commandments willingly. Because the way God has designed for me is a right and best way for me.

Those are the laws that protect us from every dangers of evil.

God’s commandments is the law of the all universe. Just as when we cross the street we should look at the road light to make sure it is safe now. So God’s commandments are to protect us.
If we believe parents love us, we will obey them.