Why? Why would You die for me? What could You possibly see in me?

Why? Why would You die for me? What could You possibly see in me???

Curtis Yearego

Shereen Cowley-Smit the answer is no no one can make him proud our best is like filthy rags if you would read your Bible but that’s not to say that you’re not a good person a very good-hearted person

Greg Clark

If we could ask God one thing what would it be my question is why can’t we talk to God now and ask questions I don’t know about you people but I talk to God all the time and he talks back sometimes it takes months weeks days hours and minutes and sometimes instantly, God is always listening it’s not a religion it’s a relationship

Greg Clark

Get my daughter straight n bring her back into my life

Kelly Dee

Take me home please I am ready to go

David Christopher Creek

When r U coming back

Joann Seals

Julie Jones they do but your prayers have to be very sincere not holding on to your own ideas or gains and persistent is key.Michelle T Almand I’m not sure who prays for their loved ones to be healed and isn’t sincere about it…

Michelle T Almand

Why was the stupid plan to torture / execute Christ considered the only means to redeem humanity? Gold could have just overlooked our sin.

Ronnie StMichaels

That’s three questions.

Jon Wickens

Peace throughout the world and that all people would accept God as their personal Saviour . Amen.

Doris Gregoire

Take care my Family

Nancy Avery