Why won’t God answer my prayers of many months to bring me inner peace from anxiety and PTSD from past abuse I suffered?

Hi there. I have a question. Why won’t God answer my prayers of many months to bring me inner peace from anxiety and PTSD from past abuse I suffered?
I have been desperately crying out to God to take the emotional trauma and pain away and give me peace. God PROMISES this (Phillipians 4:6,7). But I still have no inner peace and want to end my life most days.
Please don’t say something many Protestants have told me: “Maybe God wants you to go seek therapy to HELP YOURSELF before He helps you?” Sorry, but that is a terrible answer - basically saying: God chooses to (therefore doesn’t care), or does not have the ability, to help you heal through the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit - instead you need to go spend thousands of dollars on some secular psychologist who doesn’t believe in God and MAYBE you will get better.
Can someone please come up with a better answer on why I am being completely ignored by God to the point of wanting to die? I’m not asking God for riches and success for my own benefit (as sadly many do). I’m asking God for INNER PEACE so I can have the mental and emotional ability to worship Him (rather than not being able to function on most days due to the trauma and emotional pain going on inside my head on a daily and nightly basis).
I hope someone can answer? Thank you.

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I used to feel the same way.
Why? Why can I not have His peace inside when I have so much pain?
It did come, through the true forgiveness of those who hurt me.
At first, when I did the forgiving, I did it in words only, my heart was never in it. And I believed that that was the only way I ‘had’ to forgive. And then, one day, I was told to truly forgive, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me, and I said, I don’t have to truly forgive all I have to do is say it, and that’s enough. And then I went on a mission to prove through God’s word that it is all I ever had to do. As I combed through the Scriptures, trying to find the one that would vindicate me, I found that forgiveness ‘has’ to be from the heart, it is the only way to truly forgive, and that is the way Jesus forgives us.
With that forgiveness, I was able to finally heal, through more prayers, and just combing through the Scriptures, I found peace, I found love, I found forgiveness for myself. I found so much more, but all of that only started from the forgiveness. Prior to the forgiveness all I had was an understanding of God and the Bible and the Christian walk of life. After the forgiveness, I had knowledge and wisdom and truth abundantly.
It is a very deep choice but worth every single tear I cried doing it.

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I have an example from my own life---- I was having horrendous tooth pain…I was begging Lord Jesus to heal it ( he saved me from demons in 2017) so I knew he could!!! One day I was like GOD I CANT MOVE FAR AWAY (as I was supposed to ) WITH THIS KIND OF PAIN…well…I looked up and seen a billboard for a dentist…a Christian dentist…and I called immediately and left a message…the got back to me the next morning and pulled my two back teeth on a PROMISE to pay on friday…616 dollars total…the nurse said God must be with you because we don’t do this…

Christopher Jewell

Because your brain, being an organ just like the heart or lungs is prone to misfiring. It’s okay to seek medical help for cellular tissue that is not functioning properly. Christians often get held up over mental health medicine as if it’s something to fear. Mental health treatment is a gift FROM God.

Tyler Mullan

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I haven’t read the other comments so I might be repeating but God doesn’t promise to take everything away. He promises to be with us through it. And He uses everything, even the bad stuff, to grow us and accomplish His purposes. If God took every bad thing out of our life and made it perfect 1) we would never grow closer to Him, and 2) everyone would flock to being a Christian, not because they want a love relationship with Him but because they want an easy life. We are not promised an easy life.

Susan Motherwell

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Allow me to pose your question back to you in another way and see if we can arrive at the answer together. If I have a heart problem, and all I do is ask God to take it from me without ever going to a doctor, would you see a problem there? Some might say that a person like that is walking in faith. The truth is, he is walking in utter self will because he is requiring God to answer his prayers in one certain manner and is completely closing the door to any other avenue that God might use to answer his prayer. Prayer is not barking orders to God and waiting for him to comply with your will!

Craig Tappe

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U must forgive those that wronged you n try not t even entertain those memories. Lay it in front of the cross. Keep praying for them til it no longer controls you. Satan attacks our thoughts. So sing praises n pray. Cover ur mind w the helmet of salvation n tell Satan he’s a liar w all his misery n burn all his negative imaginations. U r a temple n u control what comes in n out. Keep it holy.

Glenda Ortiz

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He may be answering you in another way. I asked for help finding my way when I was lost and he lead me to where I needed to go with feathers. He does not always speak to us to give us our answers. I hope this helps. God bless you.

Heather Renee Neff

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I sympathize with your suffering. However it sounds like you are trying to dictate the terms of your relationship with God. When the student is ready, the teacher will emerge. My question would be ‘what is God trying to teach me by waiting?’ I will pray for you and hope you find peace.

Matt Vizzari

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The truth is that for some reason God has chosen for you to suffer. We all have suffering . God wants us to come alongside you and trust Him. The truth is that God never promises you healing!! He’s trying to help you realize that He is walking with you through this journey. Sometimes you do need help . Look for a Christian therapist or at least a Godly friend to talk to!! God gives us Christian friends because He knows we need help. Seek God for what He wants you to learn from this. Another tool that was very helpful for me was journaling. Then when I felt anxiety coming , I picked up the verses I put in my journal and read those words out loud. Also, when you start feeling anxious , it’s important to call a Godly friend. They can help you get your mind off how you are feeling. He will give you inner peace when you let Go and Let God lead you!!

Rebecca Laitres

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I’m sorry that you’ve experienced these things. This is so difficult. I can promise that God loves you and that He knows you. I have had experiences in my life that have taught me that God answers prayers in His own way and time. I know that’s not a super comforting answer but I promise that He hears your prayers and that He loves you so much!

Katelin Grudzinski

Kindly do not relent in prayers.Keep praying and am assuring you in due course the Lord will open his doors of blessings and enlightening that you will have wonderful peace ,hope and happiness.Am also praying for you.

Leonard Towett

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Please keep me in all your prayers.

Linda Hudson

God bless you richly.

From what I have read in the bible, God wants us to pray to him, to throw ALL OUR ANXIETIES UPON HIM. But thank you for creating the visual for me that God merely sees me as a nuisance, a barking dog that won’t stop pestering Him. Well I promise to you that I will bark no more. Thank you for helping me return to my atheistic roots. Also, clearly you have never been molested and r@ped to understand the kind of pain I am going through.

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