Why won't some people admit it when they are obviously wrong?

Why won't some people admit it when they are obviously wrong?

Why won’t some people admit it when they’re wrong? My uncle has made a lot of bad decisions in his life, but he refuses to take responsibility for them or apologize when he’s hurt someone. Instead he always blames someone else for his problems. Do people like this ever change?

Yes, I thinks this kind of people also can be changed by God’s love, for man it’s impossible, but for God, everything is possible, and everyone can be changed in His hands.

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Admitting one’s own limitedness and weakness also requires courage. It is difficult for people to face their own deficiencies. Because God’s unconditional power of love came in, God accepted me and loved me. Even sinners, but love me, even the weak ones help me. Only in this way can I accept my weaknesses and weaknesses.
When the man fell, and Adam sinned, God asked him if you had eaten the fruit of the trees in the garden which I commanded not to eat. Adam said that it was the woman whom you gave me to eat. Adam also committed sin to a woman.
But how can a person without God know that he is a sinner and a weak person? Need to know God and need to preach the gospel. God’s heart wants to save them.If they can accept God, God can do.

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Nice Topic Again. We need to talk this for a while brothers and sisters.

If you ask me that question base on my own experience.
Pride thats make people dont accept that they are wrong.
Maybe they have a feelings that if they will admit it, they will be ignored forever.
or In a male version the ego of a man will be lessen too.
its my opinion only but when you are wrong admit it. And when you are the correct person please deliver your lines carefully so it can’t be more hurtful to that person who do wrong with you or to others.

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Yes, I agree with you @arrol! I have noticed sometimes I can also be prideful. I may sometimes deny my bad actions because of it. Which of course is not right, so I try my very best to accept that I have done wrong.

Yeah its true I experienced it some time because of pride we cant admit to other people that we are wrong and we insist it even its bad. We are in flesh its normal to us experience pride but we need to fight this and we need God to put away all our pride.

Human nature. People are complex creatures. We don’t normally do the most obvious thing to do because we naturally want to preserve ourselves from harm. The instinct of self-preservation, I should say. It really takes God’s grace for people to admit they’re wrong. Otherwise, human will keep on pushing for their innocence as long and as much as they can. If you are talking about the George Floyd case, and even if you’re not, it is a clear example of how people would hide from the truth and protect themselves instead.

Hello, dear @fruitoflove
Of course people can change, everybody can change the bad stuff of their hearts… They just need to accept that problem and look for God to be their guide into erasing it and becoming a better person. Which is easier said than done. The problem with this kind of people is that even knowing that they had failures and problems before, they live by their own pride. And well pride is one of the capital sins. So it consumes them.
Only by accepting the Lord and looking their own faults they will be able to change for the better in a true way.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.