Will God destroy the world?

Will God destroy the world???
Ask for forgiveness and repentance

Kaweesi Pius

Will he? No. What will He do? Redeem it

James McNair Brown

“Destroy the world” in this context doesn’t mean destroying the planet Earth. It means the destruction of wickedness and worldliness at the Second Coming to lay the foundation for His holy Millenial kingdom.

Bryan Gibby

If sin becomes our daily routine then God is going to destroy everything .

Vengel Son Kharwanlang

God showed me the passing away of this world. I seen as it was being burned… he showed me this because I asked for something to help me change my life. So you see , if you really are looking for something, becareful what you ask . He gave me this seven years ago. Without this I wouldnot have known it was also showing me I was left behind. Since then , I became born again and have a relationship with Jesus and God and last April I was shown the rapture. I also seen the meeting In heaven after the rapture. I was standing in a huge room and we were all wearing white robes there.

Jeff Oakgrove