Will We Get Bored in Heaven?

Will We Get Bored in Heaven?

Don’t worry, we have work to do like we are on earth, the difference is that there’s no sins, no pain.

I know I’m going to go to Heaven when I die, but I have a lot of questions about Heaven, and one is that I’m afraid I’ll be bored. I can’t imagine living forever and not getting bored. I get bored on earth, so won’t I get bored in Heaven?

Not at all. There are much knowledge we can learn and a lot of things we can do and the time to see God and worship God is very worth expecting.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a place of love, so it requires a good training of loving life on the earth. There will also be many things to do in Heaven. Being with the Lord will only be a very fulfilling life.
Before I knew God, life really couldn’t find meaning. The time of day was very long. But now I feel that everyday life is very fast because there are so many meaningful things that need to be done. These are all related to God, doing for the Lord, and living for God.