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Christ was truthful and faithful. He emphasized and demanded repentance in His message. There is no real evangelism, if we are not faithful to the Scriptures or truthful to sinners. No one can gate-crash into heaven.

Being a member of a particular denomination is not repentance and without repentance, there is no salvation. We must make the people we share the word of God with, to understand that going to church or merely being religious does not save from sin. One can only be saved, if he “repent… and believe the gospel.” As believers, we must be faithful like Christ. Many Christians identify with His name as well as with various denominations, yet the corruption in the society is on the increase.

This is because they are not faithfully preaching repentance to people. We must ensure that “repentance and remission of sins [is] preached in his name among all nations…” Without repentance, there is no heaven for a sinning churchgoer. Those who are still in the darkness of occultism and secret sin must repent and after that transformation, “go, and sin no more”.

However, forgiveness is not a license to keep on sinning. Only those who “continue” in His ways, Christ says, “are… my disciples indeed.” One who has not repented of his sins, does not know the truth. He may know the doctrines of the Bible and yet not be free from sin. But if the truth gets to the heart, soul and spirit, it shall “make you free.” - Kemunyi

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