Without the blood of Jesus Christ, there is no hope

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Without the blood of Jesus Christ, there is no hope there is no future.
but with that blood, we have everlasting life there is a victory!

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Amen! He died to save us! He died so we will all be forgiven! We are beyond blessed that Someone chose to see our worth instead of our sins. And that Someone is our Lord and Savior!

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Big Amen to that without the blood of Jesus there is no hope to us. But he choose to hang on that cross to wash away all our sins. Let us look upon a crucified Christ, the remedy of all our miseries. His cross hath procured a crown, his passion hath expiated our transgression. His death hath disarmed the law, his blood hath washed a believer’s soul. This death is the destruction of our enemies, the spring of our happiness, and the eternal testimony of divine love.

Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Amen. Jesus died for us, he gave his life to give us life, hope and a future for us and our childrens. That’s one of the signs where people can see pretty easily how big is God’s love for us. He even gave us all of his teachings and Jesus experiences to guide us through this new life he gave us. Truly wonderful!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Being ransomed from futile ways is another benefit Christians have through the blood of Jesus. We are rescued from a life lived devoid of meaning and are brought into a relationship with God and the ability to live in his will and with purpose. Compared to the precious blood of Jesus Christ, the most valuable things of this earth like silver and gold are reduced to meaningless, perishable things. That is because the blood of Jesus gives Christians salvation of their souls, forgiveness from sins, access to God, victory over the enemy, and the power to live with a clear conscience, something that the gold and silver items in the Old Testament temple could never do.