Would everyone please help me pray for my mom? She is discouraged as her neck injury

Would everyone please help me pray for my mom? She is discouraged as her kneck injury from her accident in may is not healing as well as it should be. Also her knee is messed up due to the accident. Her ankle and the rest of her leg from her injury is healing. She has 3 options surgery pins or continue to wear her brace for a couple more months. She informed me they will need to operate on her knew after the rest of her leg heals fully from her accident in May.

Joleen Conners

sending prayers

Manuel Cuellar

Lord Jesus in heaven we lift Joleen Connors mom up to.you for healing of her body. Lord Jesus help her to mend quickly and comfort her in her pain. Lord Jesus give her strength and peace in her body as she mends and let there be nor more accidents in her life. This we ask and pray in your Holy, Precious ,And Most Wonderful name. Thank you Sweet Jesus. Amen

David Mayfield


Velda Marie Shrewsbury Jones


Kimberly Reinhart

Praying for Gods healing and protection

Naomi Perumal

Praying for God’s healing Power to completely cover her from her head to the soles of her feet

Bertha Urquhart

I just prayed for a dying patient with Colon cancer. The Doctor gave her 2 more days to live. Few days past she’s still alive and the tumor in her colon completely disappeared.What a mighty God, healer we have. Truly, Jesus is alive!!!The patient now is out of the Hospice, living with her family now…I know the same God I know will heal your mother too, right now, in Jesus name. Amen!!!Glory to God!!!

Manny Ramirez