You Have Turned My Mourning Into Joyful Dancing

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Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

Even when I am uncertain, God is sure!
Thank You Lord that You do not judge us on the basis of our emotions.
God is steadfast and unwavering. His love, provision, and protection is not based upon how we feel.
Although in times of uncertainty, we may feel we are on shaky ground, God is 100 percent solid and He never relaxes His hold on us.
Emotions, although real, are not to be trusted. Reliance upon God’s Word, instead of feelings will never disappoint.
" I won’t be moved by how I feel, I hold fast to the Word of God that’s real."
He will turn our mourning into dancing. He gives us beauty for ashes. Surely only goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives. We will dwell in the house of The Lord forever.

He sure did! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am still overly shocked and very happy about where I am today. God saved me from the veil and dark ways. He saved my soul. I thought that was how it is for me forever, just pure emptiness, sadness, regrets, loneliness, and anger. But God thought otherwise. I am very happy now and that is because of Him!