You Shall Not Fear Them, for It Is the Lord Your God Who Fights for You

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Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

The intensity of the struggle, is equivalent to the measure of victory at breakthrough.
This battle is real. Your enemy knows who you are and there is a price on your head. But do not let that bother you. God is in your corner and He will fight ferociously for you.
I believe the devil can see the vision God has for your life.
He would not bother you if you did not pose a threat to the kingdom of darkness. Let me encourage you to be relentless in your pursuit for your God-given rights. Do it with boldness and confidence, knowing your success is in very capable hands. Do not look at the fiery trial, look to the author and developer of your faith. Press on and fight the good fight of faith. The victory banner awaits. Never ever give up!

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We don’t ever have to walk in fear. For when we belong to Christ, the enemy never has the final word. We are secure in God’s hands and He tells us to “stand firm.” Whether in life, or in death, we may always be found standing firm for the cause of Christ.

Have faith in the Lord God. Our life is in very good hands. Do not be afraid of what the devil planned upon you because our faith in the Lord God will shield us from it.