Your true enemy is your own pride

Your true enemy is your own pride. You had better throw it away. The fear of you in a state of mind that neither evangelism nor hymns can be sung in public is a manifestation of the hearts of those who have no trust in God. The fear of death is already a manifestation of unbelief behavior. With such a faith, it is far from a disciple who has been practicing the Sermon on the Mount forever. Therefore, I am always begging. It’s in a tunnel that has lost the spiritual fight. Carefully examine your own faith. You do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Those who believe are free from death-fearing slaves. Therefore, it is dominated by intimidation and fear and is not manipulated. There are many self-proclaimed Christians in the world. Is it really saved and raptured with such faith? Examine your faith.


Does anyone truely believe? I mean would they act the way they do toward their fellow ‘man’ if they did?

Matthew Carven

Can you show me in the Bible where it says the word rapture the one I read said something about raising the dead and first and second Resurrection didn’t say nothing about no floaties Happy Time with Jesus said he’s going to come down kill everybody

Hank Cameron

Thank for this word

Cornel Nortje