Your WORTH is found in GOD

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All of us are uniquely beautiful in our own ways. We have something wonderful to give to this world. Our sins, mistakes, failures and heartbreaks doesn’t change the way God see us. In fact, even if we run away from him, he will still love us without judgement. God’s love toward us will never be revoked. He saw us not as threats, inconvenience or regrets. The way God saw and accept us not just as we were, but also as we could be. He saw our flaws and he still welcomes us. He chose to see us with dignity and worth. We are God’s masterpiece. We can’t control what other’s think of us. But God knows our worth because he has simply loved us always, completely and perfectly.

@Jenny I am so blessed that I am worthy in God’s eyes, even though I failed Him many times
He still chose me to be part of His workmanship and be entitled of being His daughter.
In office, I am very disappointed because no one can see my worth as an employee
Even I am working so hard and do whatever wants me to do. This reminded me that
God is the highest of them all and my labour is not in vain in God’s sight. Truly that my worth is found in God

This is very true. I cannot stress enough how BLESSED we all are for having Him as our God. We sin countless times but He CHOSE to see our worth rather than our sins. Even though we messed up millions of times, our God didn’t see a “loser”, He saw a person full of potential, a person who will soon be successful, and a person worthy of His love.

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Amen. Thank God!