Build A Church and Build New Hope!

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Build A Church and Build New Hope!

Prayer Request!
Dear my beloved brothers and sister in Christ! My name is Sophea. I believe in Christ in 2004, but I am just move to live in my wife village that a remote area in 2017. I would like you to pray for our school called “New Hope School”. The New Hope School in located in a remote area of Cambodia on cardamom mountain. And most of the people around here are not hear about Jesus yet.
So I want to see this poor area to accept Jesus and help their children with English and Computer Education in order to bring them the new hope.
Please, pray for us such as:
1- We need a local church in this area.
2- We need volunteer missionaries who willing to serve in English teaching and plant a church for long times or short time.
3- We need more computers for the students to practice.
Your prayer and help is very important to change this remote area!
May God bless you! Amen!

For more information please contact:
Name: Mr. Sophea Meas

 Facebook: New Hope Schoo:
 Email:
 Tel: +855 98 50 55 17
The map of the remote area and New HopeSchool:

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