Drop your prayer request here!

Any prayer request?drop them off below…:blush:

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Hi please include us in your prayers, our church is planning to move out from being a house church to a place that can call our own place. The church are limited because our church is using a place of one our church member. We want to have a place for our church so we can have more church activities and space for every ministry like Sunday school, pastors office, etc.

God’s provision also and a committed members that will help the church to maintain the rental for the new place.

thank you so much!!

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kindly pray for exponential growth of my business and to develop more leaders in the organization.

financial breakthrough as well.

God’s will be done in my life as well.

To continually have a deeper and more intimacy with God.


Lord, thank you for entrusting @abiwaiting4you a mission of molding the minds and hearts of young ones and of all those destined to hear your teachings through her. May you guide her plans as well as provide an exact place for them to continue what they have started.

Give her a loving heart so that she may become your loving presence to all those she will come in contact with. Amen.

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God our creator, bless the business of @theenaocay to make it prosper and grow according to your design. May her business bring true service to her fellowmen and women. By this work you have entrusted unto her, enrich her life with your goodness and help her to build your kingdom here on earth. Amen


Please pray for our business venture! We’d like to start on this and hopefully help people in the long run! :heart:

Lord God, may you bless @Angel171 finances abundantly. May you pour blessings unto her and provide everything she needs

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God our creator, bless the business venture of @Homer_Habacon to make it prosper and grow according to your will. May his business bring true service to her fellowmen and women as he intended to. Amen.

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Thank you for praying with me in agreement. May our Father also provide what you asked HIM for this morning. In JESUS NAME. AMEN.

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Hello everyone. I’m dragging this topic up as I need some prayers for my mom and sister. My mom and sister has been distant for almost a month now…and my mom and dad is so upset because she didn’t allow her children to go in my parent’s house even if it is just a matter of steps away. My sister keeps on spreading false accusations to them, like telling them they are not a good parents and the like…I mean, of all the sacrifices they have done to her, that is the only thing she can do? I am a mom too, so I feel my mom’s pain! Please help me pray that my mom will be healed from her emotions and that my sister will realize everything that she have done.

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@MakkaPakka :pray:

Thank You, Father, for the wonderful way that we have been created in Your likeness and for the amazing way that our bodies and minds function. Lord, I pray that her siblings would have a deeper understanding of You, Your will, Your ways and her parents too.

Teach them what You would have to do in the place where You have planted them. Help them day by day Lord, fix the eyes of their heart and the gaze of their understanding on You. Use my hands and my feet to lift and carry others, and may I walk in the paths that You have set before me and not stray from Your will for their life.

Lord, I pray that the thoughts of their mind would be continuously upon You, so that they may speak only those things that are pleasing to You and think only those thoughts are honouring to Your name. I ask this in the name of Jesus,


Don’t worry @MakkaPakka, in every bad behaviour, God will teach them a lessons to follow his righteousness.

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Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
I hope your prayers and all of the others have been heard. I will be asking for one today.
Please my dearest friends, I will pray for you all, have me on your prayers too! In Venezuela, every day the situation gets worse and worse, the political situation is chaotic and we suffer blackouts everyday, there’s shortage of cooking gas and gas (as of gasoline) its only available to the military and those of their corrupt close group. It’s desesperating to live like this, and more with the virus. I’ll pray to God for things to get better!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Hi, I just want to ask a little moment of your time to pray for my health. I am now so skinny :frowning: It bothers me because people make fun of me. I do not know if I am anorexic or not, I hope I am not though. But I really do struggle when it comes to my eating habit. I always do not want to eat. I can go through a whole day without eating and it would just be nothing for me :frowning: Whenever I feel like I need to gain weight, I force myself to eat which in turn will make me vomit and feel sick :frowning: HONESTLY, I have no idea what is wrong with me. The bullying just made it 10x worse, I get very down and then lose my appetite, making everything 100x worse :frowning:

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I do agree @Bhert…Honestly its been 26 years now that my mom is emotionally in pain with her. And no matter how we advise our sister, she’s really unwilling to change her bad attitude. God knows how she causes trouble with our family. But we are not losing our hope and continuously praying for God’s help. Thank you @Bhert for the prayers. I appreciate it! :blush:


I/We will include you in our prayers Sir. Hopefully God will send someone to help you there to buy and provide your necessities and other needs. Lord, we call upon you today to ask help for our friend Sir @Luis_Ruiz. May you send angels and good samaritans to help him up with their needs. Protect them as well with the pandemic. Amen.

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Hello there, @MakkaPakka! It can be very sad and draining when two family members are fighting. :frowning: I have been there, too but in my case, it is my father and grandfather. My mother always tells me to pray. Dear Lord God, I pray for @MakkaPakka’s sister and mother. May they not be blinded by hate and pride, give them the strength, Dear God, to fight the hatred they are feeling. They are just human, they feel certain emotions and sometimes get lost. Guide them, Lord, to a good path, may they open their hearts and forgive each other. May they spread love within their family. Your love and power is far greater than their fight. Amen.

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Hi @kianna have you consulted a Doctor? I think you need a vitamins, but I recommend you to see a Doctor for the best advice. Let me pray for you my dear @kianna:

Heavenly Father, in reverence, I pray to You today with a request. God, I pray that You grant kianna good health.

Also and by Your will and grace, happiness from good health will she have for the rest of my days. So much that you will be a walking symbol of Your eternal love. I thank You for the chance to pray to You today and In Jesus Name, Amen.

I’m worried about you kianna. I hope you would see a Doctor while you’re under quaratine at your place. :pray:

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@kianna: what is your weight as of today dear? I guess you just look right…Anyway, I found this prayer perfectly for you…

Proverbs 31:30
Dear Lord, Your Word says that charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but someone who fears You will be praised. Father, the inward content is what matters not the outward, yet those with binge eating disorders fail to see this. Lord I pray, that when they look in the mirror, help them to love what You see. Give them strength to overcome their disorders so that they can grow in You, Amen.

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Hi there, @Bhert! Unfortunately, no, my parents were planning that one before but with my father’s salary and with the pandemic outbreak, we just decided to let it pass. I started taking vitamins, it did work the first few months, I always got hungry, but as time passed by I guess my body got used to it and I started losing my appetite again. Thank you so much for the kind words and prayer, @Bhert! Honestly, it means a lot to me. :yellow_heart: