Former Transwoman, Gay Male Prostitute Shares His New Life in Christ

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Former Transwoman, Gay Male Prostitute Shares His New Life in Christ

McCall, 30, is from Franklin Springs, Georgia. He lived and identified as a homosexual man from ages 15 to 27, and as a transgender woman named “Scarlet” from ages 27 to 29.

Just when I would hear this man’s words I would just feel a conviction from the Holy Spirit that my life in homosexuality — I was very promiscuous, I’d even prostituted my body — the Holy Spirit was showing me that there was so much more for me.

I just felt something there. It wasn’t so much because it was a church building, it was just the gathering of the church members there, you know. I just felt the presence of God. It just kept drawing me back to Him. I did grow up in church. But when I was living as Scarlet I was not going to go to a church building. I knew a lot about how church people can be sometimes.

I had one night where I had been out partying, and I came home and started crying on my bed in March of 2016. And that was the night I said “Lord, I know people really live for you. Not just go to church on Sunday, but they really live for you. They have a relationship with you.”

And I said, through tears: “God, will I ever have a relationship with you?”

And all of a sudden my thoughts in my mind and everything was just interrupted. And I heard the Lord say: “Yes, you will live for me.”

It’s about following the Holy Spirit. And as I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, I changed. My ideas of who I was changed. The Lord showed me that He created me as Jeffrey McCall and He showed me how much He loved me specifically as Jeffrey.

When I look at the power of God in these people’s lives, I feel strongly that there is surely hope for any who cries out to God and seek him earnestly wanting God in their lives.

Its interesting, people always find some reason to get away from God. They do not find a reason to get closer to God.

The biggest sin of humanity is man suppressing the truth by his wickedness (Romans 1: 21,22). Wickedness is deeply rooted in man. But no matter how a man lives in denial of God, definitely God cannot be denied.

May God use this man greatly to bring many to Christ.

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