Have experienced God's guidance when you really don't know your direction and seems all things are not going well

Have experienced God's guidance when you really don't know your direction and seems all things are not going well

Have experienced God’s guidance when you really don’t know your direction and seems all things are not going well.

Yes, once I really didn’t know what should I do next in my ministry. Then I prayed earnestly for several days, finally God gave me a very good idea. And I followed this idea to do the ministry and got great success.

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I will drag this topic again up so anyone could post their own thoughts…it seems like this topic is interesting. For my own experience, yes I have experienced God’s guidance many times…The latest was last Momday when we rushed my daughter in the hospital.

When you are in a panic mode, you will eventually forget the things to prepare, you’ll probably out of your control and instead preparing the things you need to bring: you just keep on walking especially that your child keeps on crying because of the excruciating pain. On that day, I honestly panicked but I really wonder how did I prepare all the things that I supposed to bring in the hospital. I believe it was God who directed me what to pick up and whats not…So I thank the Lord for his provision…

Yes, for me I feel like the first few years of my high school life, I have been in a very risky path. I cut classes and drink. I have been around people that influences me to do bad things. I do not blame them though, I did those things by choice, too. But it felt like I have no idea where I was heading. My faith was also very weak that time. But then, one day my sister told me to go to a Christian gathering. I joined and my perspective on life has literally changed. I cut those bad ways and started doing good. I read the Bible and prayed more.

That’s good to hear dear @kianna…sometimes God put us in dark sides and allow us to experience something new to let us know the good and bad effects of each side. When I was in College, I failed most of my subjects because I was influenced by my classmates to drink and smoke…in short, it was merely a peer pressure and of course my choice too! But as times passed, I realized this isn’t the plan God wanted me to pursue…so I took the leap to stop totally and be attentive in class…so I took engineering for 6 years instead of 5 years haha! The point is, we have the right to live life to the fullest but of course with moderation especially when we have goals to achieve.

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Hi @Leahfan, it happens to me eventually. The guidance of God for me is substantial. It sometimes not going well it’s true, yet I am pretty sure it is according to his plans it is for our benefit. Personally, we can’t foresee the plans of God to us but we can follow his plans if we accept God’s will for us. There are so many uncertainties around however behind it we can determine where would be the best to come and go with. My advice to you, is to focus on your goals together with God. Maybe, you will say it isn’t always the same mood everyday - you’re happy now later on you look depress. God is telling you, be optimistic don’t focus on the bad side always. As we see simple things of achievements in our life, we can realize that it’s wonderful to look back to what we reached-out.

Hello, dear @Leahfan
This is a great idea of a topic friend, its good to inspire people or giving them courage to change things up when in need.
I myself, felt something like it when I was a child. I had depression and feelings of constant regret, even suicide stuff. I would even start my day by telling me if it would be a good or a bad one. After accepting God and starting to take him seriously, everything changed. I stopped feeling regrets, started doing good in school, and even got to know people that I could really consider friends, and later a girlfriend. Of course there are people who could say it’s all part of teenage years, but even if they are, God helped me and got me to the right track.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Yes. Many times. During those times when I wast lost and I don’t know what to do, God always proved me that He will never leave me. In times of trouble and pain, He always love and forgive me.

When we are hopeless and nothing seems right, He will show us the right path. When we are confused or hurt, He will heal and restore us. When we are clueless and scared, always ask him for guidance and strength. When we are praying for something, trust God because He will make it happen in the right time. Have faith.

Yes, @MakkaPakka Thank you for that, we really need to think about the choices we make in our life. God has our backs, yes but we must also do our part in shaping our future. :blush: He gave us free will, we can do whatever we want to, but of course we must also be cautious with our actions. I really felt like God saw me in a very very dark state and I feel like it was Him who made me realize what I have been doing. I feel like whatever I felt or made me change my ways was Him, and I have to do my part and make the right decisions. I feel reborn. Like I was given a second chance in life. :blush: :yellow_heart:

Amen to that dear @kianna…In order to meet all our goals in life, we have to do our part and ask God’s provisions about that…When you are in the wrong path, you will feel God’s presence by re-diverting your route in order for you to be right on track again. So never stop seeking God’s help and pray for brighter road…:blush:

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Indeed @MakkaPakka! :blush: It is us and God in this journey in life. I am very much blessed that I immediately thought of God’s wake up call for me. I can imagine what my life would have been if I neglected God’s call.

Yeah I experience God’s guidance every time and every place because this is God’s promise to us that he will guide us if we give our life to Him surely. God is always there for us to teach us and guide us in our daily walk with Him.

@kianna: I am glad you immediately answered God’s call for you dear… Because there are some people who didn’t notice God’s plan for them and continue doing their own plans…no matter how you strive to achieve your own goals, if it is not part of God’s plan and not his will: you will really not achieve it…so put God at the center as always…:blush:

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Yes, @MakkaPakka! I admit it was very rough, too, I cut off a lot of people in my life most especially those that are bringing me down or to a dark path. That was the time I focused more on my self-growth, so I had a lot of time assessing where I am and what is going on in my life and I know someone is helping me and giving me the strength to fight whatever is dragging me down. :pray: :blush:

@kianna: Truly indeed that no one can help you, except your thoughts and yourself…sometimes people drag us down…but we have a choice to get up, or remain in the bottom…I always remember my mom everytime I am upset, she’ll gonna tell me “if you are in pain, do not prolong your agony…stand up and help yourself”…

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I always pray for God’s guidance in my life and he always provides it. He opens the right doors he shuts the right doors. And I have tremendous faith in him. He just guided my career in an amazing way.

Yes, definitely. When I stepped into college 3 years ago I didn’t expect that it would be so hard and draining. I am now on my 3rd year and I can say that God guided me throughout my college journey. I had sleepless nights and breakdowns because of endless deadlines but God gave me strength to go on everyday. I always pray to Him and thank Him for giving me courage in fighting my battles. Let us thank the Lord for all the blessings!

@MakkaPakka Yep, there will always be someone who will drag us down. What’s important is that we will stay strong for ourselves. Don’t wait for someone to pull you out of your misery, be that someone.

Life is an amaaaaaazing journey. I guess I can say that since I’ve seen a lot in life already. Done with high school and college, career is stable, and my three kids are now teenagers. My life has direction now, thank God, but like @kianna and perhaps most everyone my high school years were tumultuous, if would choose one adjective to describe it.

Then I decided to go full time in ministry and in those years God’s guidance became very clear. By the way, @Timothy_Chen are you a pastor? I was a youth pastor for years and again when you serve in a full-time basis, his directions and guidance seem clearer and easier to see.

Thanks @MakkaPakka for dragging out this topic. If I were to add a verse to it, I’d choose: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct you path.”

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