How do you get refreshed when you are tired?

How do you get refreshed when you are tired?


Sleep…l’m tired now. good night


Sleep, or do nothing, just relax, or go somewhere to have leisure time.

I would like to stay with my family or friend. :tangerine::pizza::fries:

I prefer to pray or read Bible alone, talk to God and get strength in Jesus Christ again.:pray:

Watch funny movie, have delicious food.

I want to go hiking, I love it, which makes me feel good and relax. :walking_woman:

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Listen music, when I put on the earphone, music will bring me to another world~

do some exercise will help me refreshed.

Em, for me I think I need to have a quiet time, just myself and pray to God, really deep rest in Him.

Have fun with my friends, we can sharing, eating something together or something else…actually, anything is ok, but I want to stay with them.

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I would like to walk in the forest and listen to the music, and talk with God, that’s really awesome !

I like this answer . Lol


I would like to read some books, especially the biography about Christians, their life give me a lot of encouragement. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like walking slowly and quietly. It makes me relaxed.

Tired… for physically want to take a rest… spiritually, it is time to pray… to hear God’s still small voice… :smile:

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The following ways really work to me:

  1. Do exercise for 40 mins
  2. Take a shower
  3. Have a good sleep
  4. Pray to the Lord and especially repent my sins
  5. Listen to God’s word, e.g. attend Sunday service, Bible study, read the Bible

For me, I first will pray. Or maybe communicate with pastors.

pray first, even though my body is tired. And the second way I do is to listen the word of God.