Inspiring Christian Quotes 4/23/2020

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Inspiring Christian Quotes 4/23/2020

Lord guide me with your light, Jesus, you will always be my captain.


Hello, dear @Steven
I really lied this one today:

I believe is particularly great, because of what it means, the Bible is not something to follow word by word, but it’s not rocket science. On there is the steps and actions we must make to got success and truly happiness in our lives, as getting the way to heaven. It’s truly simple obey and serve the lord and you’ll get prosperity and pleasure.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Sometimes we experience delays in what we prayed and asked for, but in the long run you’ll realize it is worth the wait coz God always gives us the best for he has a lot in store for us; all we have to do is trust God and do our part too.