Is watching horror movies bad for Christians?

Before, I admit that i love watching horror movies. I love the thrill of watching every horror movie. I don’t know why. I can even do marathons of it.

But as I grew deeper to God I found out that it might affect me. But should i quit watching it? I tend to look for one movie at once. What do you say?

If you have a clear mind and feel that you can manage it its not a problem I think :slight_smile:

Oh i see. How about you @Christina-Sharon do you often watch horror movies

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This is interesting. My son adored horror movies. They were his favorites.
Then he was saved.
He commented to me the other day, with no little amount of consternation, that he can no longer watch horror movies. After asking some questions, it is not a matter of “should not” it is truly a matter of “can not”. The Holy Spirit inside him makes him not wish to watch them anymore.

I would say that you should continue reading God’s Word and searching out His will. Ask that He show you what is good and what is bad for you to do in your life. Be sure your conscience is not being “pricked” or bothered, even a little. If you go against your conscience, you are searing it, and deafening yourself to God’s Holy Spirit.

I have also had this happen to me after “growing deeper to God” as you put it. The more I learn of Him, the more I long to obey Him, the less interest I have in the worldly things I used to glory in. For instance, I was a huge TWD (The Walking Dead) fan prior to salvation. Now it isn’t that I should not watch it, it’s that I do not WANT to watch it. See the difference? When I ignore my conscience, a dullness comes over me toward God, life and everything in general. When I repent and listen to my conscience I find I am alive again to God and the Holy Spirit and what God’s will is in my life. I’m not as concerned about the letter of the law as the spirit of it. Of course, we cannot find “horror movies” or “science fiction” (another of my old loves) in the Bible. Therefore, use a general rule of thumb:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” - Philippians 4:8

I pray that the LORD will lead you ever more deeply into His Word to sanctify your life according to His wishes.


@Sunami_Carpenter thank you for sharing and reminding me. But as you know there are horror movies with good ending, that is the protagonist always win and good overcomes evil. Should you also consider not watching those kinds?

It is true that the conscience dictates me not to watch it anymore.

Hello @cocoyoongie, thank you for this question. This is a very important question.

As you write here that you grew deeper to God, you are finding that it is affecting you. This is very true. The more one gets closer to God, the holy spirit that is growing powerfully within a person will not let dark things to enter inside and defend our soul powerfully without actually us knowing about it.

This is a very good point as well. As we may know, though the conclusion is good, the graphical content through the movie has some powerful influence on your heart and mind. It makes ones spirit weaker. You might need sometime to recover yourself spiritually after watching the movie, though ending might be good. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This is interesting! Thank you for bringing in some great questions. I appreciate.

One good article you might want to look at →

Hi there!

I am not sure I have an answer but my husband an I always have enjoyed them as well. My son seems to like them too and I don’t feel bad watching them. The only thing I do feel is that I cannot share with fellow Christians what I watch because I will be judge and that is no fun :confused:

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Hi @Lizbeth_Lopez , thank you for sharing your experience. Helps to understand how people have different experiences. Love to hear more from you, if you will :blush:

Hmm. @Lizbeth_Lopez we have the same experience in horror movies. I admit i love them. But maube we should choose between what is right or wrong. Horror movies invites evil in your view and we dont want it.


@Moses_C Thank you for your response. Maybe what we can do is to filter horror movies. Maybe i cannot choose to watch movies that is all about the possession of evil spirits. But movies about vampires or zombies can be. It depends of what kind of antagonist the protagonist is dealing with.

Because I believe every story has its own moral lesson.

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I feel scare when I watch some horror video, even after I accept Christian faith, I really believe there is a spiritual world. So that I really believe that there is evil ghost. I think it’s not good for Christian. If we want amusement, we can choice other healthy way.


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Thank you

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The only true Morality (moral excellence) is found in God. Not in any human being, nor in what they make with their hands.

You know what I keep an eye on to know if the Holy Spirit does not like what I am doing? My overall feeling. If I read scripture I am uplifted in faith, even in the tough books like Jeremiah and Lamentations. If I go from that state to watching a movie I am “naturally” (meaning wickedly, since wickedness is our natural state as fallen humanity cursed by God) drawn to … I watch to see if everything “dims”. If it dampens my spirit, or puts out the flame that was burning for God in my heart. If the joy I have with God seems to be replaced in what I am doing with a lesser fake. That is my indication that I should STOP.

And sadly, I will admit, that I in and of myself, usually do not WANT to stop. No, in my fallen self I rebel immediately and make excuses. Struggling with that right now for playing Minecraft at night instead of reading the Word or spreading it.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I will not be perfect in this life. And it isn’t some set of rules and regulations I’m trying to fulfill and check off my list as “done”.

No, I am mostly motivated by just plain not wanting to grieve the Holy Spirit of God, who is my Lord, my Savior, my King and my Master who shed His most Precious and Holy blood for me to save me out of my sin. I do not wish to grieve Him. Thank God He is a merciful and gracious Lord who forgives us whenever we truly repent.

The life of a Bible believing Christian is full of repentance. This is just how it is. But God is indeed Merciful and He will not turn away ANY who come to Him with their whole hearts, souls, minds and strength. Yes, I have to ask God’s help to do that! For me to do anything except wretched and wicked things, to think anything other than those, I need my Savior’s help. So I ask it. He is Merciful.

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Thank you

I am not a movie buff :sweat_smile: I do watch movies with my friends occasionally. Horror genre maybe I didn’t watch so much. Just a few in my whole life.

How often do you watch horror movies :slight_smile: @cocoyoongie

@Christina-Sharon Before i always watch. I watch every horror movie available both in my country Philippines, Asian horror movies and hollywood horror movies. Name it all! Because i really enjoyed them a lot. But now since I became a full blown baby Christian i lie-lowed.


I have enjoyed watching horror movies for some time now. However, since being a Christian I have stopped watching supernatural films now. I also want to stop watching all other types as well as the films with ghosts, demons etc. My walk with God is new and I may falter but I trust in Him for strength. I am doing doing a “Freedom in Christ” course at my church and I find this is helping a lot…


@Phoebe I agree :slight_smile:

@Teifimiss Wow! Glad to know that you are taking part in classes offered in church :slight_smile: I second your opinion that once you have become a Christian and after your son’s are washed away and holy spirit enters you, it’s is bit difficult to grieve him by watching movies that God doesnt want one to see. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

It is true indeed.