Please Pray for my Health

Please Pray for my Health

Hello everyone!

I just want to ask a few minutes of your time to pray for my health. I do not know if this is a serious mental issue (I hope not) but I always lose my appetite and it’s getting worse day by day. I do not know and do not want to know how much I weigh now because I’m scared. I rarely eat, sometimes one meal a day. Whenever I try my best to eat, I would feel sick and sometimes vomit. I do not know what is wrong with me. I look very very thin and pale now. Going to the doctor does not go well with our budget right now. My family members are mad at me. I do not know what to do that is why I just pray and pray.

Hi @kianna I hope you are feeling better! We are here for you, praying for you. Do not fear. The Lord is with us.
Let us pray for kianna’s health and may the Lord shower her with strength. Please fill her body and soul with wellness and good health! May the Lord take away all the pain and illness from her and heal her with His grace. Amen.

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Thank you so so much, @hbbm14! I really do hope things go well. My health has been my number one problem for so many years now. Today marks the day that I strive for my health! God bless you!

Gracious Almighty Father in heaven, we come to your throne this evening recognizing that you are our great physician. Lord we lift up the life of our sister @kianna this evening because she is not feeling well, she is suffering from a sickness which affects her appetite. Lord we are pleading for your divine mercy and extend healing to her ailing body, in the powerful name of Jesus we claim healing this evening. Also we are praying for provision for her and her family, Lord you are our great provider. May shower them with blessing financially and sustain them amidst this crisis oh Lord. All these things we entrust to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Thank you so so much sir @IamRichardJohn! This honestly means a lot to me! I have been struggling with this my whole life. I get bulled by this, it is really frustrating. God bless you sir and always keep safe! :pray: :yellow_heart:

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Lord I pray for @kianna 's health. I hope you’ll protect her and give healing to her. She’s now struggling and full of worries inside her head. Please be on her side always. Thank you. Amen.

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Thank you so so much for the prayer @zayn22! God bless you and stay safe!

@kianna how are you? Warm hugs for you, I hope you feel okay. Drink lots of water and eat fruits it will helps you to restore your appetite. I know something is bothering you, i pray that God will be with you in times like this and hug you so thight. May his presence give you peace joy and certainty. 1 peter 5:7 cast all your cares upon him for he careth for you

Good day @kianna prayers up to you my friend. God will heal you i know that. You need a Jollibee Chicken Joy or a Blueberry Cheesecake i think it will help you a lot to gained your appetite again ^_^.
Sometimes its all in our Head. Push yourself to eat. Don’t do a one meal a day. Think of this food will cost 50 pesos above i think, but if you will get sick by not eating medicines are hundred pesos per tablet. Take care of yourself you know that hospital is one of the high risk place now because of this pandemic.

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Yees!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so so much for that, @arrol Yep, it is true, I’m even afraid of going to the hospital right now because of this pandemic. Will definitely do my very best for my health! :blush: God bless you and stay safe!

Hello, dear @kianna
That worries me!! I’ll pray for and with you. If you let me give you two advices: 1) whenever you have the money try to go to the doctor, don’t let something like this go unnoticef. 2) Instead of making big meals, try to eat little bits all day, as in eat until you can during normal meals, but between them try to eat something as a threat in the meantime, maybe bread or sweets. Just to not be loosing so much weight.
Dear God, remember you daughter @kianna, she needs you guidance and love, help her go through the problems she’s facing when being hundry, give her control over her feelings if it’s mental, or give her strength and power to overcome if it’s something else. You are powerful and wise my lord. With you everything is possible! Amen.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Thank you so so much, @Luis_Ruiz! Yes, I have been trying my very best to eat even just bits by bits of food. I even set an alarm for whenever I need to eat or even drink water. I have been taking Appetason to enhance my appetite, so far it has been going well, I have been eating on time for the past two days I guess but it is something and I hope this will go on. Thank you again so much for the prayer and advice!! Such a very big help! God bless you and keep safe always!

@kianna Breathe. Just breathe for now. Everything will be alright.
Dear God, to someone who has been struggling, feeling sick and fighting her battles all by herself, I hope you help Kianna to realize that she is doing the best she can.
That her our flaws doesn’t mean that she is not living up to her greatest potentials.
God, make her proud of herself of how many times she have overcome these battles.
And let her remember all those moments when she was lost, and You found her.
Whatever is making her anxious, confused, sad, weak and sick,
please help her to remember that God as you will never forget and leave her.
Take away her fears and turn her suffering into strength.
Her wounds into hope and wisdom. Chaos into clarity.
God, please restore her and heal her now. Amen.

Kianna, You walked on so many difficult journeys before this. You fought battles. You were let down time and time again, but you didn’t let it shatter your faith. Soon, you will be alright. You will get strong again, your body will be healthy and things will turn out well. :slight_smile:

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Hello, @Jean! I am very touched :blush: Thank you so so much! God bless you and always keep safe!

Hello @kianna, are you holding on OK?

Pray, eat, sleep, smile, eat some more, and keep fighting

Maybe this’ll cheer you up:

: YouTube

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Thank you so much @eestioko! I am doing a bit well, I have been eating at least 3 meals a day now with the help of my vitamins :blush: Thank you, God bless you!

Hi @kianna how are you? Hope you are doing fine. May our Lord God continue to guide you and be with you in times like this. Warm hugs for you… My mom use to cook me pesang bangus with manggang hinog everytime i lose my appetite. Try to eat so you could gain strength. Praying for you

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Hi there @Jojoy, thank you so much! I am doing quite well, I have been consistent in eating at least three meals a day and in the afternoon, I eat champorado with my family. God bless you!

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@kianna im happy that you are well. Keep on doing and remembering happy things. Sometimes what we are thinking really afftects our our acts and emotions. I will keep on praying for you. May Jesus will always be with you.
Champorado is really good in this kind of weather with powder milk drink ofcourse with tuyo yey!

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Yes @Jojoy! Thank you so so much! God bless you! :blush:

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