Share your photo before and after you are a Christian

I think this could be very fun to see our own photos before and after we are a Christian. Also, people can feel the power of the gospel in the photo we share.

Saw this post in Facebook, and want to invite more people to participate

“5 years ago I would have been somewhere celebrating PRIDE but instead I’m celebrating another year of freedom, healing and deliverance! :rainbow:

For me, since I am a Christian when I was a child, what my photo show is I grow up and become mature in God’s love. The same hat, haha, really love this hat.

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Mark Nelson

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I used to suffer from severe depression, but Jesus took the depression away and gave me joy. He gave me peace for once in my life And happiness. Thank You Lord

Kalvin Valentine Bell



Adrian Miralles

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Find two more today. God is amazing!

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I am so grateful to hear from this man the good news. God bless you as you continue grow in christian life. Lord thank you for leading this man in a right path and continued to be with his side. You never leave him for what he has gone through his life. For this man we are so proud of you and we welcome you. Be safe.

The Lord God is very powerful! :blush: It is so wonderful seeing these people change for the better, it’s so amazing how they change because of the Lord God and with the help of the Lord God. If anyone out there is still struggling or in the process of changing for the better, do not lose hope! The Lord God will never quit on us! :heartpulse:

Little Light Studios

"This was a few years ago. I was gothic and worshipped the devil. I was an atheist so I didn’t believe satan was real, so this was more of a rebellion against religion. How wrong I was, satan is very real and is deceiving and manipulating everyone on the planet. Last December I finally reached out to God and He turned my whole life around. He led me to His Son Jesus Christ in Sept 2019 and I was born again. In the last year I have stopped living a sinful life and have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. All of my addictions and toxic behaviours fell from my life instantly. I suddenly wanted to be a good person and I turned from all things evil. I stopped watching horror movies, I stopped listening to heavy metal, I stopped drinking and doing drugs, I stopped partying, I stopped letting toxic people into my life, I stopped swearing, I stopped lying, I stopped cheating, I stopped fornicating, I stopped taking the Lord’s name in vain, I stopped being a terrible person and I started to trust in God!!! I cannot even express how much Jesus has changed my life. Praise the Lord and His power to create a child of God from being a child of the devil.
Believe on Jesus now and be set free. Salvation is a free Gift from the Lord! Turn to Him for eternal Life!
Praise Jesus, my Lord, my Savior, my King. Thank you Jesus for saving me. I love you forever. Amen.”

Bobby Thompson


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thank you for sharing


Christian Motivation

10 years ago i was 18 years old… I had just signed myself out of state custody & was living in a crack infested hotel in Richmond, VA selling drugs just to stay high and keep my room lol The last ten years have been so hard and I wouldn’t have made it without the Spirit of God keeping me

Dillon Loving