Story of Start a New Hope!

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Story of Start a New Hope!

My name is Sophea,
I would like to tell about my story why I want to start a New Hope School and Church in the remote area of Caedmon Mountain in Cambodia.
After I and my wife got married, I have a voice to called me to leave my own work in the Phnom Penh capital city in Cambodia. In the Phnom Penh I worked as IT Man in a Organization which I got a good salary.
But one day, God called me to start a New Hope School because in the remote village. Then I left my work at the city to stay in this village in 2017. At that time I prayed to god that “I am here lord, what will I do next?”.
Then God told me to start a New Hope School that provide free education in English and Computers to the children and the youth because at that time there was not many people care about that education. Most of the children and youths left their school because of their families very poor. So the children and youth need to go to work and find the money to pay for the dept and the family support.
So, until now I start it for 2 years and I try to find many people to help this village but no answer they just said this village is too far from the city and out of their target.
And I heard a voice to let me share our story on website to the CROSSMAP with the Facebook page I already liked from 2 or 3 years a go.
I prayed that God will make a ways and answer to my prayers.

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